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A binge-worthy podcast

The guys at the equally awesome Surely You Can’t Be Serious podcast first pointed me toward A Film By .., and I’m so glad they did. Every episode features Jeff, Brad, and others engaging in a detailed, nuanced discussion of various films, prominent and more obscure alike, in a convivial, conversational tone. It’s the audio equivalent of sitting around a bar table with your pals hashing out a list of your favorite films. Highly recommended! James Buckley

This pod rules

Any pod who reviews Trick Or Treat has my undying allegiance. Awesome stuff.

Bringing it to ya!

Brad and Jeff have the knowledge and the humor! Remember your faves with them, if you know what’s good for ya!

Chicken Soup for the Film Buff 🎬

This podcast does a great job highlighting some of the greatest parts of movies (e.g. “Ack Ack” in Mar’s Attacks) or provocative perspectives on characters and plot points; like who’s the good guy in Ferris Bueller’s Day off or that the coolest bully of all time is James Spader in Pretty in Pink! They also incorporate fun games, like which 86’ character would you like to see appear in the same movie; my own contribution, Sgt. Tackleberry (Police Academy 3) and Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China). These guys either listen to a lot of podcasts or are setting the standard for how to do it. Thank you!!

The joy of film!

Listening to the reviews of film uncover how much these guys love the cinema and everything that encompasses it! They are smart, insightful, but not condescending, they uncover nuances and expect the listener to be right with them, as if they are the guy in the seat next to you in the theater who asks you a question during the movie. You can hear the smile on their face as they discuss their passion, film!

Love the podcast!

I really enjoy listening to these guys banter and chat. It’s like listening to old friends reconnect, and you can’t help but laugh along with them. They clearly love talking about movies, both the good and the bad. Keep the episodes coming!

Great podcast!

I listened to the Children Of Men episode and I enjoyed it so much! The chemistry between the two hosts is so great and they have so much knowledge and in depth points it makes it even better! I will definitely be listening again!

A Review By… Bama

As a girl born in late 80s, my tastes in music and movies are broad. I’d say I’m a lover of everything but an expert in nothing. However, this podcast offers in depth reviews of true classic movies and everything in between by true connoisseurs (one of the hosts could literally open a Blockbuster out of his house). Seriously, listen to a few episodes, you won’t be disappointed. Jeff - stay away from the Ouija boards! XOXO

Movie GURU’s

I love how they detail parts of the movie that you would never think about.

A Film By…

Listen to these guys, like Rufus! , They know what they are talking about!!

A Film By, amazing podcast

The dynamic duo of this podcast keeps the ride home very enjoyable. I love waiting for the next podcast, the reviews of the underrated films are very informative and drives you watch the film. Cheers Fellas!

I am so pleased that I discovered A film By podcast. These guys are freeking great, and long may they continue!

Load your movie queue

I having really enjoyed discovering “A Film By…” ! As a movie connoisseur I pride myself on being familiar with most movies of my favorite directors. These guys have introduced me to many movies that fly under the radar. My movie queue is now overflowing! They also are working their way through 1986 as a special series. The conversation is lively and informative. Keep up the great work guys! I’m looking forward to discovering more movies with you! -Jason with Surely You Can’t Be Serious Podcast


A an engaging conversational look into the higher quality, but maybe lesser known works of some of the greatest filmmakers around. Subscribed and excited for what’s to come!